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What's a call

For creative facade calls

  • Do you have a good idea but you don't know how to work it out? 
  • Do you have a detail in your project that you cannot solve?
  • Do you need to get some input for your project from the facade industry?
  • Do you want to use the digital web for more input in your facade project?
  • Would you like to get noncommittal advice in a project?

FACE brings the solution because from now on it offers the CREATIVITY LAB. This is an online design platform where designers, engineers and other people related to the facade industry can place CALLS to which others can react. From now on the facade industry works together in an online environment.

What is a call?
If you would like to get in touch with the international facade industry, place a call on your whiteboard. This means a short description, pictures, sketches, files (such as drawings: CAD, Sketchup etc.).

Publish your call and wait for response!


My creativity whiteboard

Open calls:
When you want to get input from the whole facade industry place your call publicly

Private calls:
If you want to get input to your call from an audience selected by you,  choose the option ‘Private call’ in the 'Add Call' screen which makes it possible to invite people individually.

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Start right away? Register yourself easily by clicking the 'Register' button in the upper right corner.
Good luck with your facade projects!

 Jenny creative architect.jpg

 Jenny White / Creative Architects

Need help on a project?
Together we can help!
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